Heart Worm Treatment for Dogs

As well as the beef flavored tablets or solutions that can be given to dogs orally to measure heart worm incidences, chunks with a beef flavor are available too. In addition, you should give the dogs correct mosquito proof sheltering, to avoid any bites from mosquitoes.

It’s vital that you know whether there’s a need during the year to take heart worm prevention measures, or whether it is only needed in particular months. For instance, during the colder seasons, mosquitoes might be dormant. While this is true in certain countries though, it is N/a in other parts of the world.

In practice, the country you reside in will determine the correct course to take. Drugs are available from vets to be orally administered to stop heart worms, hookworms and more, however it is crucial that they are administered in line with the instructions enclosed with them. Also, it is best to be aware of any adverse responses exhibited by the animal.

If, throughout the preventative treatment, you see any adverse responses occurring, you should forward an adverse event report immediately. Remember that for preventative measures against heart worms, pet dogs definitely prefer the soft tablets with a beef flavoring. However, if for several months or longer, the dog misses heart worm prophylaxis, the dog owner should speak to a vet. In these situations, the animal will have to undergo a test for heart worms.

Drugs for preventative treatment that are commercially available include heartgard, sentinel, interceptor, revolution, etc. In the dog’s shelter and around the bushes nearby, you should avoid water stagnation, because this just facilitates mosquito breeding. It is crucial that this testing is carried out in consultation with a vet, who specializes in healthcare and medicine for pet dogs.

Dogs should be tested, to prevent heart worms from occurring, at six months of age to find out whether any evidence of these exists. The good news is that you can get chewable real beef tablets that have different medical agents in them, like ivermectin.

Take on board the above advice, and you will be able to nip any potential health problems in the bud, before they develop into something nasty. When it comes to animal health, prevention is definitely better than cure.

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